Friday, December 12, 2014

Update and Pic Tease

Caught in the Flames on FicPad

Caught in the Flames on AO3

Caught in the Flames on FFn

Caught in the Flames on TWCS

Tonight had been a dream. There were no words to describe her ethereal beauty. Her dress hugged her body, making me want to make love to her for days on end. Her beaming smile when I won the Casey Severide Award for Valor and Heroism, made my heart lurch with a new-found, all-encompassing love. Holding her in my arms while we danced was something I had wanted since I first saw her in Marianos, reaching for that pasta sauce. Her petite body was made for me and I loved it. I loved her.

Unfortunately, the only issue we had was with Laurent.



Waste of skin.


The dude was a fucking sea slug. 

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