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Good News! Good News!

I woke up this morning and read some good news. It was desperately needed since I felt like total garbage over the weekend, but that's a story for another time. The good news is that Under Construction, in all its angsty glory, was voted #5 in the top ten fics completed in December.


You can find the complete list which includes, Edward's Eternal, Deb Drotuno, TheFicChick, TheQueenWriter and many others, here: TwiFanficRecs. Thank you for those of you who took time out of your busy schedules to vote for Under Construction. I'm tickled to be among such amazing authors.

In other news, Renovation and Under Construction, are up for top ten fic of the year, along with Surviving the Teenage Dream, Caught in the Flames and Star Crossed. You can find the link to vote here: Top Ten Fic of 2015.

You can vote once a day. I'd appreciate if you could take the time to vote for at least one of these stories. For now, here's a reminder about Renovations and Under Construction, their summaries and links for their stories. 


Isabella Swan, thirty-six, is reeling from her recent divorce from the man she thought she would be spending her forever, the rest of her life. James Hunter broke her heart when he told her wanted to end it. He didn’t fight her, giving her all of the money, all of the furniture and everything else Bella wanted. Her mind and heart shattered, Bella took all of her belongings and moved to the opposite end of the country from her ex-husband, close to a dear friend, Esme Cullen. She purchases a beautiful home, but in badly need of repair and updating.

Esme suggests two men, Edward Masen, twenty-six, and his business partner, Garrett Keyes, twenty-seven, for the job. Edward is an up and coming contractor whom Esme had used for her interior design business. Garrett was a carpenter and headed up the construction end of the business. Bella contacted the men, knowing that she was going to hire them. Their website spoke to her. The clean lines and use of high-end appliances and materials were exactly what she envisioned for her new home. Little did she know that when both men came to interview, she would be physically attracted to them as well?

Will these men renovate Bella’s new home or will the renovations spill over into other aspects of her life, giving her love life a much needed makeover? 

Under Construction

Bella Swan, a divorced adoption attorney, is relishing her time with her two hot and attentive boyfriends, Edward Masen and Garrett Keyes. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever considered being with two men, let alone two men who adored her as much as they do. Their relationship is perfection. With all new relationships, they are trying to navigate the ins and outs of being together. Their little bubble of sexual exploration is threatened when Bella is sent to New York City for a high profile adoption proceeding.

With a heavy heart, Bella flies out to New York to meet her new clients, close friends of Aro Volturi, her former boss. Carmen and Eleazar D’Amato are finalizing the adoption of a child that they fostered for almost a year and a half, but dealing with them is easy. Running into her ex-husband is not. He manages to appear everywhere once he found out that Bella was in New York. His new marriage has crumbled and his estranged wife has taken their child, hiding him away from James. His job is hanging by a thread and he now blames Bella for everything.

On a whim, Edward and Garrett fly out to New York to surprise Bella. She loses herself with them, but they had an audience. But, who and to what end? 

Under Construction on TWCS

Surviving the Teenage Dream

All banners by Evilnat

They survived falling in love and having four children. Now, Geekward and Nerdella are parents of teenagers. Say a prayer for them for they are in for a bumpy ride. But, a ghost from the past is rearing his ugly head. Follow along as Geekward and Nerdella deal with having teens, battle with the blast from the past and why is Demetri hugging a cow? ANSOL/TGGTP Sequel. ExB AH/AU

Caught in the Flames

Banner by Chandrakanta

Banner by FallingSnowinWinter

Isabella Swan, an up and coming graphic artist, lived in the heart of the Gold Coast in Chicago. She was comfortable in her brownstone, left to her by her grandmother. 

Edward Cullen, a lieutenant in the Chicago Fire Department and the head of the rescue squad in Department Eighteen. He risks his life on a daily basis, putting out fires and saving strangers from burning buildings and mangled vehicles. 

She was an innocent…someone caught in the cross hairs of their obsession with fire. He was a hero…a man desperate to save the woman who was in danger from a serial arsonist. Little did they know, this monster was going to be the catalyst to start their fire, their fire of passion. They were Caught in the Flames.

Star Crossed

Banner by Chandrakanta

Cover by Mina

She was the leader of her people. 

He was a gruff, by-the-book star ship captain. 

An interstellar war, negotiations for a peace treaty gone wrong and a taboo relationship between two species. 

Captain Edward Cullen was in charge of the starship, Volvo. He, along with his crew, were given a mission to deliver Empress Nirabelle of the Cygnarian people to the nearby planet of Lapus, to negotiate a treaty between their two worlds. 

For over a millennia, they have been fighting a vicious battle. For what? They don’t even know. It’s ingrained in their minds and their history. 

The Empress is to meet with the Crown Prince of Lapus, Jakob. The Volvo is transporting her and her envoy, Maralice to the planet. There are strict rules in place for the Empress’s transport. She is to not have any contact with any males on the ship, per the cultural norms of Cygnarian society. The trip should take as little time as possible and if no headway has been made within one day of being in orbit, Captain Cullen is to transport the Empress from the planet’s surface. 

However, something goes terribly wrong on Lapus. One communication to the Volvo and a brief face-to-face conversation forever changes the future of the Empress and Captain Cullen. Will they survive this threat or are the Star Crossed lovers doomed before they even have a chance? 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

You're Having a Baby: Caught in the Flames Future-Take Update

You're Having a Baby: CITF Future-Take Update on FicPad

You're Having a Baby: CITF Future-Take Update on AO3

You're Having a Baby: CITF Future-Take Update on FFn

You're Having a Baby: CITF Future-Take Update on TWCS

“Momma, do you think Aunt Leah is going to have a boy or a girl?” asked Marie. She was looking at the ultrasound photo that her father had given her, trying to make sense of the blurry, grainy image in front of her.

“I don’t care what Aunt Leah has, just so long as the baby is healthy,” Bella replied, crouching down in front of her oldest daughter. The rest of the family were working on dismantling the barbeque from Emmett’s promotion and Edward and Bella’s good news. After they were done, Amelia and Marie were going home with Nana and Papa for some grandparent spoiling while Edward and Bella celebrated their anniversary and newest addition. “What do you want, sweetheart?”

“A boy,” Marie nodded. “Daddy is surrounded by too many girls.”

“And this is a bad thing?” Edward scoffed, rolling the grill back into the firehouse’s garage. “I have three of the most beautiful girls as my dates, permanently!” He scooped up Amelia, kissing her cheeks. She squealed, squirming in his arms.

“Daddy! That tickles!” Amelia said, blowing a raspberry on his nose. Edward barked out a laugh, setting down his youngest daughter onto the ground. She tore off, hiding behind her mother, Edward’s wife for ten years and peaking behind her legs.

Leah Clearwater was Bella’s stepsister and surrogate mother to Amelia and the newest addition growing in her belly. In an act of devotion and love, Leah offered her womb to Bella and Edward when they wanted to grow their family. Bella had suffered from a difficult pregnancy with Marie, aggravated from a messy miscarriage due to her ex-boyfriend who had used her as a punching bag. As a result, Bella had a hysterectomy to save her life. Obviously, her life was spared but her body had paid the unbearable price. She could never bare children, naturally, again.

Amelia Grace Cullen was born happy and healthy. Now, through the grace of God, Leah was expecting again. Bella’s fertilized eggs were implanted into Leah and hopefully, another happy and healthy baby would be born. Secretly, Bella hoped that it was a boy. Edward took all of the pink and frilliness in stride, but she knew her husband would adore to have a mini-me to share that father/son bond. Marie was a total daddy’s girl and Amelia was attached to Bella, but it wasn’t the same as the bond that Emmett shared with his little boy, Tristan. 

Baby Cullen #3

Marie Cullen

Amelia Cullen (minus the glasses)

Leah Clearwater


Circus Themed Nursery

Circus Themed Baby Shower

The Ring

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Caught in the Flames Future-Take Teaser

“Hmmm, it has been way too long since we’ve made love.”

“You’re telling me, my sweet girl,” Edward said, his hands running up and down her back. “Now, there’s a huge Jacuzzi tub that I want to take full advantage of while we’re here. In a matter of a couple of months, our lives are going to change with the birth of our third little miracle. I want get as much time with you as possible.”

“Are you going to take a leave like you did with Amelia?” Bella asked as she got off Edward’s lap. He got up, walking them to the bathtub, which was also bathed in a romantic glow from various candles. He started the water while Bella removed her garters and thong. “Edward?”

“I’ve put in for the time, but it may not be as long as the time I had off with Amelia,” Edward replied. “Probably three weeks at most. However, I won’t be working the ER until our newest addition is at least a year. So, I’ll just be maintaining office hours and the occasional admit to the hospital. Bankers hours, essentially.” He tested the water, smiling and offering his hand to Bella. They got into the tub, snuggling in the warm, bubbling water. “What about you? What about the graphic design business with Peter?”

“He’s more than willing to take over while I’m on maternity leave,” Bella said, spinning Edward’s wedding band. “Now, what about the nursery? We have to choose a theme, Edward.”

“It would be so much easier if we knew the gender,” Edward teased. “Leah still has the results.”

“I want it to be a surprise, Edward Anthony,” Bella chided. “So, we have to go gender neutral. Circus, zoo or farm?”

“Alice did the jungle/zoo theme. We live in the city and the mere idea of a farm freaks me out,” Edward snickered. “Let’s go with the circus theme. No clowns, though. They’re creepy.”

“Agreed,” Bella laughed.

They stayed in the tub until they were wrinkled. They also planned out the baby’s nursery and making a list of everything they needed. After their bath, they clambered into bed, making love quietly and reverently before falling asleep in a tangle of limbs and post-coital bliss. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Good News! Good News!

Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their busy lives to vote for Caught in the Flames for one of the top ten fics completed in August on TwiFanfictionRecs! I have good news. Caught in the Flames is a featured story on the website, which you can find here: TwiFanfictionRecs. Additionally, Caught in the Flames came in THIRD in the top ten!

Thank you so much. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful readers. You are all amazing, wonderful people who manage to make what could have been a very dark, dark time for me, into something special. The loss of my mother while writing this was so hard, but your words of encouragement and love got me through it, helping me to complete the story.

ALSO ... the outtake/futuretake of the story, cataloging Leah's third surrogacy for Bella and Edward, will be posted on Christmas Day for you. I'm working on the plan for it and debating on whether or not to make it in Leah's POV or third person ... we'll see.

For now, I do want to thank you all again. Big squishy hugs to you all!

Banner by Chandrakanta

Banner by FallingSnow Winter

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Excellent News!!!

I got some great news earlier today. Caught in the Flames has been nominated for fic of the month at TwiFanfictionRecs, completed in August. You can vote once per day for each day of September. It's one of TWO stories that are nominated.

I'd appreciate any and all votes you'd be willing to give me so that Caught in the Flames can be one of the top ten fics finished in August.

ALSO, don't forget that I will have a Christmas present for you with an outtake/futuretake about their third baby with Leah as their surrogate. Thank you to everyone who has read this story and supported me while I overcame the death of my mother, using writing as an outlet.

God bless you all and please vote here:



Josie 'Tufano79'

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Exciting Announcement

Yesterday, I hit complete on my story, Caught in the Flames. It was a labor of love and a bit of a struggle for me to finish. Part of it was due to my personal issues that I had to contend with. The loss of my mother was a huge factor and the main reason why I made their first baby a girl, named after my mom, Marie. The other part of it was lack of enthusiasm to write. The personal issues didn't help, nor did some reviews I received about the fic.

But that's all behind me now.

I'm proud of what I wrote and I feel like I told Bella and Edward's story to the best of my ability. A number of you requested that I do a sequel, but after thinking about it, I don't think a sequel would be that good. I don't have enough to continue with their lives. Out-takes and future-takes are the way that I'm leaning right now.

Keep Caught in the Flames on alert. I am planning on doing few future-takes for this story. The first one will come around Christmas. It will be Leah's POV and revolve around the third baby. I have a couple in the works as well that will be posted periodically. However, the first one will come out probably on my mother's birthday, December 27th. It will be a full-length chapter.

I hope that appeases the masses. *Snorts*

For now, Baby Cullen #3 says adieu!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Caught in the Flames: Epilogue

Caught in the Flames Epilogue on FicPad

Caught in the Flames Epilogue on AO3

Caught in the Flames Epilogue on TWCS

Caught in the Flames Epilogue on FFn

Ten Years Later

“Dr. Cullen, we have an ambulance pulling up,” said one of the nurses, Bridget. “There was an apartment fire with a lot of smoke inhalation. A lot of kids.”

“Thanks, Bridget. I’ll be right there,” I said as I closed my laptop. I swung my white coat around my shoulders along with my stethoscope. I graduated top of my class in medical school, followed closely by Harold. However, his spot as salutatorian was because he latched on to me. Thankfully, he didn’t match at the same hospital that I did for our internship and residency. He was matched at a hospital in Milwaukee while I was matched at University of Chicago Hospitals. I wanted to work with kids and I got my dream.

I was working my way up the ranks as a pediatrician. I was a part of a medical office, an established group of doctors. We were a family practice, with a specialty of endocrinology and childhood diabetes. For now, I worked with the families who didn’t have any pressing medical issues, but I was a board certified pediatric endocrinologist. I also picked up a few shifts at the emergency room at the hospital to keep my skills sharp. Besides, my history as a firefighter gave me a unique view of the ER and kept me on my toes.

I reached the ambulance bay, smiling at one of my close friends and fellow doctor at the pediatrician’s office, Jared McNulty. “How many victims?”

“Three, maybe four,” Jared replied. “It’s one of those apartment buildings. I’m not sure how critical the kids are. Are you off after this?”

“Yeah. I have a date night with my girls,” I smiled. It was our anniversary tonight. Our anniversary of being husband and wife, becoming a family. We never did much for anniversaries, but we always did something as a family to celebrate our happy marriage. Though, I had something special planned for Bella tonight.

The ambulances pulled up and we put on our game faces. I took the ambulance from my old house, smiling when Angela and Leah hopped out. “Hey, guys. What do you we have?”

“Hey, Dr. C,” Leah smirked. “We’ve got a five year old boy who was found in a closet as they guys were doing their sweep. He hasn’t regained consciousness since we scooped him up.”

“Give me his vitals,” I barked as we rolled him into a trauma room. Angela rattled off his vital signs. He was tiny and not breathing on his own. He also had some burns along his back and legs since he was curled toward the wall of the closet, trying to get away from the fire. The burns weren’t severe, but they would require special care to minimize scarring. Another curveball was that the boy was deaf. I made sure I grabbed one of the many nurses who could sign so I could communicate with this little boy. 



Anniversary Present

Marie's Charm

Amelia's Charm

New baby's charm

Now, this is the final chapter in Caught in the Flames. I will not be doing a sequel, but I may do some out-takes or futuretakes. Let me know what you'd like to see and keep this blog on alert, along with my profiles on the various fic sites. Thank you for following me on this journey. Hugs to you all!