Monday, September 15, 2014

Blog Only Teaser

By midnight, I had new locks throughout my entire house and garage. I tried to pay Emmett, but he just shoved my hands away and told me to make some of my rocky road cookies. He had pilfered a few when I gave some Edward of my latest batch, falling in love with them. I promised to bring some by the next time I came over to my boyfriend’s. Beaming brightly, Emmett gave me a hug, kissing my cheek and ambled out of the brownstone with a goody bag of leftovers from the barbeque. Edward was rifling with the new keys, attaching them to my key ring.

“You have four extra keys, Bella,” Edward said, handing me the remaining keys. “The gold key opens up the deadbolt and the silver key opens up the door. You have two extras of each.”

“That’s perfect,” I replied, swiping a key chain that I had found when I went grocery shopping with Alice. I put one of the extra sets keys on the Chicago Fire Department keychain, handing it to him. “I want you to keep these.”

“Really?” he asked, his brows shooting to his hairline.

“Edward, you are the person I trust the most in this city,” I whispered, closing his hand over the keys. 
“Besides your sister and she’s not getting her keys until later.” I pulled out a butterfly, sparkly and dangly keychain. “Once I realize that she won’t randomly barge in.”

“Which will be never,” Edward snorted, adding my keys to his own keychain. 

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