Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lots of Confusion...trying to clear that up...

So, as I was updating Caught in the Flames, there was a great deal of confusion on where to find photos, updates and so on. It was not necessarily clear on my blog or tumblr. I've decided to create a blog specifically for Caught in the Flames. I will be adding goodies on here, slowly but surely.

I will also be adding pic teasers, citrusy teasers and other things on here as well. Be sure to follow so you can get the latest updates.

For is where you can find the story online:

Caught in the Flames on TWCS

Caught in the Flames on AO3

Caught in the Flames on FicPad

Caught in the Flames on FFn

Banner created by Chandrakanta

Manip created by Chandrakanta

Banner created by Fallinginsnow Winter

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