Monday, October 13, 2014

Caught in the Flames Update ~ Chapter Eighty

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We spent a few hours wandering around the zoo. A random rainstorm forced us to go to the restaurant early, though. Dodging raindrops was a bit of a challenge with Bella’s bag, but we managed to get there without incident. It was just across the park, close to the entrance to the zoo. In the restaurant, Gejas, we were seated immediately in a booth and lost in the quiet ambience.

“This place has quite a unique odor,” Bella giggled as she sipped her water.

“It’s the oil that they use to cook the food. Or rather that we use to cook the food,” I said, pointing to the small pot on the table. “The smell will stay with us when we leave, too. The food is really good. And supposedly, it has a romantic feel to it.”

“It is romantic,” Bella smiled, taking my hand.

“It would be more romantic if I did this,” I smirked crookedly, getting up and sitting next to her in the booth. She laughed, draping her leg over mine underneath the table. “Hmmm, much better. It also allows me to give you this.” In another silver box with a purple bow, I handed her the necklace I had found. I kissed her lips, tasting her uniquely sweet mouth.

“Another tiny box,” she chided. I just kept smiling as she opened it up. With a quiet gasp, she lightly fingered the pendant and looked at me. “Edward, this is beautiful and so different…where did you find it?”

“The same place I got the keychain,” I said, taking the pendant out of the box. “The salesman said that it represents strength and beauty. I knew that I had to get it for you because you are the most beautiful woman in the world to me and you are so incredibly strong, Bella. Turn around.” She did and looped her hair into her hand. Carefully, I put the pendant around her neck, kissing just below her ear. “I love you, baby.”

Lincoln Park Zoo


Bella's pendant

Bella's pajamas

Chateau Chantal

Suite at Chateau Chantal

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