Friday, October 10, 2014

Caught in the Flames Update ~ Chapter Seventy-Nine

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Bella got dressed while I just relaxed on her bed after I had cleaned up the breakfast I had made for her, flipping through the television stations as she showered. Charlie had left with Emmett and Jacob shortly after I had arrived, having some breakfast with them before driving to U.S. Cellular Field. Right after he went with my friends, Bella walked out of the bathroom, dressed in a pair of jeans and tight-fitting t-shirt. She picked up an orange jacket from her bed, tossing it over her arm. “What camera should I bring? My point and shoot or one of the big guys?” she asked.

“One of the big guys,” I said. “You look beautiful, love.”

Bella blushed, smiling shyly. “Thank you,” she replied. She kissed me sweetly, ruffling my hair. “My equipment is in my home office. I need to load up a bag and then we can go?”

“Sounds perfect,” I beamed. Walking to the first floor, Bella checked her Dad’s room before going into her office. She plucked a backpack out of the closet and chose a camera. She quickly turned it on, checking the battery and then swiped a few different lenses along with a spare battery and extra memory cards. Packing everything carefully into the bag, she slung it onto her back. After getting her wallet, we went out to my car and drove the short distance to Lincoln Park. 


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