Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Caught in the Flames Update...

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“Alice, this is the tenth dress I’ve tried on,” I said, standing on the small podium in her shop. It was my lunch break. Peter was holding down the fort at my office while I was trying on dresses for the banquet for the firemen, which I later found out was more of a ball. It was the Annual Firefighter’s Ball and Awards Ceremony. It was black tie. My little black dress wasn’t going to cut it, though it did go with the color scheme. Alice insisted on making me a gown. However, when she found out about it, the day before yesterday, it was too late. Hence, my marathon dress trying on adventure during my lunch hour. Plus, there was a dress code. It was a black and white ball. So, my dress had to be either black or white.

“Well, if you weren’t a slacker and waited to the last minute, I would have made you something amazing,” Alice snapped. “The ball is tomorrow, Bella! I mean, really! I don’t even know what silhouette you want! I will be up most of the night making alterations! ARGH!”

“I’m sorry, Alice,” I frowned, hating that I was making my friend so flustered. “Edward told me about it and I just forgot with the opening of the office, our trip, the photo shoot, Victoria…”

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