Saturday, November 29, 2014

Caught in the Flames Update

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“The last time I wore a dress, it was my prom and I was pretending to be straight,” Leah said, plucking at her sleek black gown. “I even attempted to do the clichéd lose my virginity thing on prom night, but when I saw my date’s dick, I panicked. It further solidified my love women. Why do I have to wear this, Alice?”

“Because, as much as you act like a boy, you are a hot chick,” Alice admonished, running a brush through Leah’s hair. “How else are you going to get a girlfriend? Hanging out with guys and acting like one of them will not get you dates, Leah Clearwater.”

“If I were gay, I’d do ya,” I quipped, pulling up my gown, trying to keep it above my breasts. I was paranoid that it was going to slide down thanks gravity. I was not very well-endowed in the boob department.

“And why aren’t you?” Leah pouted.

“Because I love Edward,” I said.

Bella's Dress

Leah's Dress

Edward's Tuxedo

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