Monday, January 26, 2015

Update and Pic Tease!

Caught in the Flames on FicPad

Caught in the Flames on AO3

Caught in the Flames on FFn

Caught in the Flames on TWCS

“Isabella Marie Swan, I know I have loved you since the moment we first met. There was a quiet strength hidden behind your wary exterior. You opened your heart to me, giving me that second chance to prove to you that not all men are monsters. You allowed me to show you what a good man should do for the woman that he loves more than his own life. Every day, you give me a reason to smile, to get up and to live my life to the fullest and I can only do that with you. Bella, I love you. With my whole heart and soul, I love you. I want to wake up every morning in your arms and fall asleep every night, holding you. I want to kiss your lips. I want to share my heart with you. I want to get married, have a family and a dog. I want to be with you. Always. Bella, my Bella, will you marry me?”

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