Monday, July 13, 2015

Caught in the Flames Teaser

I watched as Edward slumped and fell onto the floor. The gun had caused a deep cut on Edward’s temple. He was bleeding and it was dripping onto the floor. The scent made my stomach turn. I wished for Edward to wake up. My heart was stammering. Fear was washing over of me as the grizzled features of my once attractive ex-boyfriend glared at me. James had so much hate in his eyes. That hate grew exponentially when he saw my swollen belly. I wrapped my arms around my stomach, needing to protect our Marie.

You are not touching me, you fucker!

“He got you pregnant?” James snarled, his face morphing into a terrible grimace. “I thought I fixed that problem. Perhaps I can do it again …” He lifted the gun, training it on my stomach.

No! Not again, asshole.

It broke my heart for me to shimmy closer, further away from my unconscious fiancĂ©, to my desk where the gun was sitting in the top right drawer. “Please, don’t,” I whimpered. “It’s a boy. I don’t want you to hurt him.”

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