Monday, July 20, 2015

Caught in the Flames Update

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Bella was pleasant enough the rest of the night, but distant. She talked to me, listened with interest when I told her about my classes and how I rocked my Health Care Disparities exam. However, when I went to touch her, she brushed me off. I was confused. We were both cleared to be able to touch each other, more than just fleeting kisses and innocent caresses. I missed being affectionate with my fiancée. Did I do something wrong?

I asked if she was okay, but she smiled, nodding that she was fine. My Bella was not fine. I gave Marie a bath, laughing and playing with my adorable little angel. I faintly heard Bella on the phone. She was in tears, but I couldn’t hear her conversation, nor could I tell who she was talking to. I finished washing Marie and dressed her in a butterfly onesie. Carefully, I carried her to the nursery. Settling into the rocking chair, I slowly moved and studied. I read my human anatomy text book to my daughter in a sing-song voice. It worked for me, helping me remember the intricate systems of the human body and I was able to bond with my precious gift.

I finished my studying, placing Marie into her crib. She whimpered a little bit, but fell back asleep. I carried my book, baby monitor and walked to my bedroom. Bella was curled up in a ball, her face red and puffy. She’s sleeping restlessly, but in obvious distress. I changed into some pajamas, crawling into bed and curling around her. She tensed up when I first touched her but she let out a shuddering sigh, eventually snuggling in my arms. 

The New Clear Waters

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