Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Caught in the Flames Teaser

Neither one of us got a lot of sleep. Marie was unsettled by the storm. When I woke up to my alarm, I took a piss and went straight for the coffee machine, pouring myself a large cup. I fucking love coffee. After my shower, I reviewed the parts of the digestive system as I ate breakfast. I was packing up when Bella came down with a very grumpy Marie. I kissed them both before I darted out of the house to the lab for my exam. If I finished early enough, I could possibly get a nap in my car before my Health Care Disparities class.

My day flew by, as did my night. Harold was adamant on meeting to review for the midterm in our classes. So, after having a rushed dinner with my family in the student center, I spent nearly six hours reviewing parts of the body and equity issues in the health care system with five twenty-two year olds. When my eyes were crossing, I said that I had to go. My group wanted me to stay, but I wanted to sleep in my own bed.

The next day, we received our grades for the practical and I had gotten the best score. I had missed two questions, confusing two major veins. Then, our professor began his exuberant explanation of the renal system and the wonders of our kidneys. I took detailed notes, in a notebook. The rest of my class all had laptops, tablets and iPads. I loved technology, but having it at your fingertips was a distraction. I did have my MacBook in my bag, but I preferred taking notes in a notebook. It helped me retain the information better.

Class was dismissed with the promise of an exciting day in the lab, dissecting a kidney. I packed up my belongings, walking to my next class before lunch.

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