Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Caught in the Flames Teaser

Edward and I took a nap before we had round two. He woke me up with kisses all over my body and brought me to new heights with his tongue. After round two, we took a bath since we were both sweaty and I had to take down my hair. The bobby pins were giving me a headache. Edward took great pleasure in finding every one in the bath tub before washing my hair with some tropical scented shampoo.

Edward and I went back to bed and slept until his cell phone rang from his tuxedo pants that were on the floor. “It’s the day after our wedding. Can’t they let us fucking sleep?” he grumbled, finding his phone and glaring at it. His hair was standing up on end and his face was creased with pillow lines. “Fucking Harold. I’m ignoring him.”

“Wasn’t he at the wedding?” I asked, yawning and snuggling against Edward’s chest. “I could have sworn I saw him doing shots with Emmett.”

“He was at the wedding …” The phone rang again. “Oh, for the love. WHAT?!” I giggled. “Harold. Don’t make me drag my naked ass out of my honeymoon suite to kick you the nuts.”

“Oh, God!” I laughed, covering my face with a pillow. Edward tickled me.

“No, Harold. We are not spending today going over anything related to medical school. I have three days to be a husband to my wife. Do you know that means? I’m fucking her. Balls deep. In fact, I’m inside her now.”

“Yes, baby! Harder, Edward,” I moaned.

“You call me again and I will seriously maim you with my dick,” Edward growled. “I’ll see you on Wednesday. Not before.” He ended the call and turned off the phone. He tossed it onto the floor and groaned. “I swear to God, that boy is going to be the death of me.”

“What did he want?” I asked, moving so I was perched on Edward’s lap. I rolled my hips, feeling Edward twitch against my ass.

“I don’t know and I don’t care because my wife is giving me a great show. Are you going to fuck me?” he asked, waggling his brows.

I smiled, grasping his hardness and sliding down his length. “Does that answer your question?” The phone call from Harold was quickly forgotten as we got lost in each other for the third time. 

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