Saturday, July 25, 2015

Caught in the Flames Update

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The days leading up to the wedding were hectic but a great deal of fun. The night before wedding, we had our rehearsal. The location that Alice and Leah had chosen was perfect. It was outdoors and overlooked Traverse City. The trees were in full color of autumn, giving us the picture perfect setting we desired. And Peter was taking pictures left and right the entire time he was in town, which he arrived late Thursday afternoon with his girlfriend, Charlotte. Peter said that he was going to make me a wedding book to end all wedding books.

I had no doubt that Peter would make magic with his photos. He was a much better photographer than I ever was.

I was standing in front of the altar, snuggled next to my fiancĂ©, soon-to-be my husband, listening to the wedding coordinator explain how things were going to go. The justice of the peace was not there, but we had met with him on Thursday afternoon. The clerk had left a message with him. We’d asked to see him the day we got our marriage license, but he was out of the building for another event. He was an older gentleman, very quick and witty. He was a sweet man, too. He loved performing marriages and he looked forward to doing ours since we were so much in love. 

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