Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Caught in the Flames Update

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The bachelor/bachelorette party was fun, but we were ready to go home at ten. Despite the fact that I had slept through the night, I was still up early. Bella had gotten up with Marie. Underneath the makeup she wore, I could see dark circles under her eyes. We managed to stay out until midnight. It wasn’t until Bella started snoring that Alice realized that we were new parents, adjusting to the sleep schedule of a highly unpredictable infant.

I drove us home, being the more awake of the two of us. It felt weird to not have Marie with us, but her grandparents wanted to dote on her. I helped Bella upstairs. She was barely coherent as I guided us to our bedroom, balancing Bella’s sleepy form and carrying her shoes. “I’m going to go wash my face,” she mumbled, stumbling into our bathroom after she picked up her pajamas off the bed. I stripped out of my clothes, putting on a pair of shorts. As I was reaching for my shirt, Bella walked out, her hair up in a loose ponytail and her face scrubbed of the makeup. Her eyes widened when she saw my bare chest. I tried to cover up, but she stopped me. “Don’t.”

“I guess we both have our scars,” I said, my voice barely audible. “You haven’t really seen mine.”

“No,” she murmured. She stepped toward me, her fingers moving to the two raised scars from my stab wounds. “Do they hurt?”

“Not anymore. They’re more numb than anything because of the surgeries the doctor’s performed,” I answered.

“And the burns?” she asked, her hand moving to the slightly scarred skin on my torso. “Do those hurt?”

I shook my head. “I’ll never be able to go tanning since the skin is more susceptible to burning, but I never liked laying out in the sun in the first place,” I quipped. “They don’t scare you?”

“Edward, you make it sound like you’re a monster. You were very lucky,” she said, her hand moving up my side and down my arm, which was free from its compression sleeve. “I could have lost you that night. I will love you, scars and all. And you could never scare me. Losing you scares me more than anything.”

St. Lucia

Bella's Birthday Present 

Bella's Wedding Band

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