Thursday, July 2, 2015

Caught in the Flames Update

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“For a girl who hates pink, this is a lot of pink,” Emmett said as he pulled the baby bedding out of the laundry basket, draping it over the crib.

“It’s not baby pink. Bella was adamant that we not have baby pink in the nursery. It’s bright, obnoxious and fun,” I replied, hanging a purple, fuchsia and teal mobile above the crib. The walls had been painted a bright lilac with white wooden furniture and a chevron, polka dot crib set that was the same colors as the mobile with a dash of marigold yellow. The curtains were a sheer pink and yellow gingham, pulling it all together. When Bella first mentioned it, I was hesitant, but she created a mockup on her computer with a design program. Much to my surprise, I liked it. It was perfect for our little Marie Felicity Cullen.

“It’s definitely different,” Emmett responded. He moved the crib out of the way and gently tapped up the handmade letters spelling Marie’s name on the wall. They were hand painted by my best friend to match the bedding. “I’m surprised that Bella had any say at all, really. Your mom and sister seemed pretty insistent on helping her design the nursery.”

“Bella put her foot down. Initially, she wanted control over the wedding, but decided that our child’s nursery was more important. This is far more permanent. Our wedding is just one day and while I have no doubts it will be memorable, I’d rather focus my attention on this,” I shrugged, spinning the mobile. 

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