Sunday, July 19, 2015

Caught in the Flames Update

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“For your next class, we’re going to be examining the wonders of the renal system,” crooned my gross anatomy professor. “Learn to love your kidneys! Don’t forget that your practical for the digestive system is the next day we have in the lab. See you next week. Have a great weekend.”

I packed up my belongings and slung my messenger bag over my shoulder. My lab partner, a guy who was a whiz kid, named Harold, ran up to me. “Hey, Edward. Do you want to get together tonight to review the parts of the digestive system? Dr. Ross is killer for his practical exams,” he said, pushing up his thick glasses.

“I can’t, Harold. I’ve got a physical therapy appointment and then I’ve got plans with my fiancée and daughter,” I shrugged. Not to mention, it’s Friday. I forgot how stressful it was to be a full-time student. I really am working for the weekend.

“You’re not going to do well on the test if you don’t study, Edward,” Harold chided.

I shot him a look. This twenty-two year old kid is giving me shit about studying? “I hate to burst your bubble but I’m getting the highest grades in the class, Harold. I’m doing just fine,” I snickered. 
“You’re right, but I’ve got other things going on this weekend. Lots of things.”
University of Chicago

Edward's new Volvo

Harold, the bane of Edward's existence

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