Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Caught in the Flames Teaser

“Bella, we’re taking you to the hospital,” chided Angela, taking my blood pressure. “You need to get the baby checked out.”

“Edward cushioned my fall,” I grumped as Jessica wrapped my wrist in a makeshift sling. I looked at him and he was being cared for my Seth and Leah. The force of our tumble had aggravated his ribs. The smoke had also caused the damage to his lungs to resurface. He was grimacing in pain. I felt fine, but I think it was the shock of everything that caused me to push the pain I may or may not be feeling back.

“He’s going. So, you’re going,” Jessica said. “On the gurney, Bella. Edward would kick my ass if anything happened to you.” I moved so I was on the gurney, strapped in and attached to various monitors. Edward got in, groaning as he settled next to me. The gash on his head was hastily covered and he was wearing oxygen, wheezing from the exposure from the flames and smoke from the destruction of my office. “You should be on a gurney, too, Edward.”

“I’m not pregnant,” he said breathlessly. “I just need a nebulizer and to make sure that our peanut is 

“You two are so fucking stubborn,” Leah grumbled, tightening the nasal cannula around Edward’s head. 

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