Sunday, July 19, 2015

Caught in the Flames Teaser

The next morning, I woke up with a note next to my pillow. Alice and Esme kidnapped me along with Marie. Something about a birthday makeover. We’ll be out all day. We’re supposed to meet at Clear Waters at eight. Your parents and my dad are watching Marie. Love you, B.

I wrinkled my nose. I wanted to spoil my fiancĂ©e, damn it! I wanted to treat her to breakfast in bed. Meddling little elf. I got up and decided to do some laundry, review some research for my major project. I was working on Community Health and I was reading a few abstracts, trying to narrow my study. As I was going to make some lunch, Emmett and Garrett came into the brownstone. “Do you guys ever believe in knocking? I could have been naked,” I quipped.

“You weren’t,” Garrett smirked. “We’re here to kidnap you.”

“What? No. I have shit I need to get done and don’t forget it’s Bella’s birthday this weekend,” I growled.

“We know. But, tonight, it’s your bachelor party!” Emmett boomed, pumping his fist. “Well, it’s a combo. You and Bella are VIPs at Clear Water’s tonight for your bachelor/bachelorette party. Alice and your mom are taking care of Bella while we’re handling you. Do you want to know what’s on 

No. I don’t want a bachelor party. “Sure,” I shrugged.

“Try to contain your enthusiasm, Edward,” Garrett teased. 

The New Clear Waters

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